Hair Prosthesis

hair prosthesis is a solution for people who want a quick solution to their baldness problem.

The amount spent with the acquisition of hair prosthesis is much lower than a hair implant.

In addition, there are several models of prosthesis on the market and you are completely wrong if you think that the male hair prosthesis is the most sought after, because the demand for female hair prosthesis is also great.

The good thing about hair prosthesis is precisely the fact of not having to go through any kind of surgery and if you want to, change the shape of the hair, just change the hair prosthesis.

What is hair prosthesis and how does it work?

The hair prosthesis is nothing more than a piece prepared with the purpose of performing the coverage of the person's hair, either covering areas that are bald or not.

The hair prosthesis is a solution for those people who are suffering from baldness

The wires contained in the prosthesis are placed individually or in groups less on a screen or on a thin film that looks more like a human skin.

This piece is attached to the head of the person who will be the temporary or almost permanent user of the hair prosthesis.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hair prosthesis?

There are several advantages and disadvantages to using hair prosthesis and below we list some of them.


-A great advantage of using hair prosthesis is that it can be used by people who have any type of baldness. In addition, it can be used permanently or not.

-When using the hair prosthesis immediately the bald areas will be covered

-The value of the prosthesis capillary is much lower compared to the realization of the implant capillary.

-The durability of the hair prosthesis is prolonged

-It does not restrict any activity of the person who uses the capillary prosthesis, thus, he/she can practice sports, go to the swimming pool or the beach, bathe, sleep, among others.

-No surgery is performed

-The use of hair prosthesis does not have any contraindication.

-There is no contraindication, however, there are exceptions for people who are allergic to the materials used to make the prosthesis. Anyway, it is very difficult to occur, since the vast majority both the prostheses and the products used in maintenance are hypoallergenic

-The best of all is that if you do not like the result after placing the prosthesis, there is no problem, since you can buy another prosthesis or even not use it anymore.


-There are few disadvantages, and one of them is the constant maintenance of the hair prosthesis.

-Depending on the model and the quality, the hair prosthesis may have a very high value.

Prótese capilar feminino e Prótese capilar masculino

Prosthesis Male

As previously mentioned, there are female and male prosthesis capillary.
Both one and the other is in great demand. In addition, there are several models and types of hair prostheses, and for sure, the person who is in need of one, will find the one that best suits.

There are people who wonder about the result, but if the prosthesis is of a good quality and when it is placed on the head, it is done carefully and correctly.

Types of prosthesis

female prosthesis2-300

The prosthesis can be composed of natural hair or synthetic hair.

hair prosthesis of natural hair are preferred, since they are more durable and presents an aesthetic. As for the hair prosthesis made of synthetic hair, they are cheaper.

It is possible to purchase the part already prefabricated or even to order.

If you prefer custom, the qualified professional will take all the necessary measurements for the manufacture and with that, it will be in accordance with its framework, but if you are buying a prefabricated, you can choose the models that are available and see which one is best.

There are several pre-made models and one of the most common is the one that covers only the top of the head, which is the so-called toupee and the one that covers the entire scalp is called full cap or full cranial prosthesis.

The making of the base, that is, where the natural or synthetic hair is attached, uses canvas and micro-fleece.

In any case, prostheses can be made of a variety of materials, depending on the needs of the person who will use them.

Durability of the hair prosthesis

Depending on the quality of the material and how it is used, dentures can last a long time, but the minimum durability time is 6 months to 2 years.

Therefore, if the user is careful, always doing the maintenance, among others, he can have a product with great durability

Removal of the prosthesis

Depending on the model purchased, there is no need to perform the removal every day of the prosthesis, since there are those that are fixed to the scalp with adhesive or special glue and with that, it is possible to use for up to 20 days. Of course, this varies a lot, since it depends on the type of material, the type of glue and even the adhesive.

At the end of the 20 days, the ideal is to remove and clean both the prosthesis and the scalp, and then reapply it.

The prosthesis placement can be performed in specialized salons, but many end up preferring to do it at home, when they acquire more experience.

Care of the hair prosthesis

  • The person who buys a hair prosthesis has to keep in mind that it is necessary to be always performing the proper maintenance by means of appropriate products, such as removers and specific adhesives, as well as using the prosthesis according to the determined time.

  • Always wash your hair with mild neutral shampoos, salt-free, and avoid any product containing alcohol.

  • If you happen to acquire prosthesis models in which the hair is tied with knots, the ideal is to avoid that cream and conditioners are applied near the base, precisely so that there is no weakening of the knots or even that they loosen the threads.

  • It is allowed to play sports and go into the sea or pool using the prosthesis, but it is recommended that it always be washed.

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