The mission of Eva's Hair Team is to transform your self-esteem, we know the importance that your hair has in your day to day.

What woman doesn't dream of flawless, voluminous hair? Who wouldn't like to walk around with that big hair with full ends and that incredible shine?
It is these questions that lead us to implement every day new care to offer the locks that will meet the highest expectations of the most demanding customers.

How many times do you look at your hair in the mirror and imagine that standout bump?

We want you to get hair that will be noticed in a crowd. We want you to have your hair praised. And we want this renewal in your self-esteem to allow you to achieve countless achievements. You were born to stand out. From now on, know that our Eva's Hair Team has taken the responsibility of taking care of your hair. And that now we will help you shine even more.

Eva's Hair has selected the best quality human Brazilian and Indian hair for you.

They are human hair, straight, curly, frizzy. Size ranging from 20cm, 30cm, 49cm, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 75cm that are placed in up to 8 hair lengthening methods, depending on your hair type.

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